If you wish to obtain further information on the activities of the company BITFINANCE LONDON LIMITED , we recommend that you carefully read this section, which is presented in the form of questions and answers. To see the answer, click on the appropriate question.
Create new account
Who can set up an account?
Our services can take advantage of any natural or legal person. However, to create an account you must be an adult according to the laws of the country, in the jurisdiction where you are located.
How can I create an account?
The registration process is very simple and takes only a few minutes - just click the "Register" at the top of the site, go to the Registration section and fill in all mandatory fields
Can I create multiple accounts?
No, this is prohibited. You can only have one account from the same computer and IP address.
How much is the creation of an account?
Creating an account is absolutely free.
How to open a deposit?
Go to your account, click on "Make a Deposit", you choose a convenient payment system and follow the instructions.
Which currency can I invest?
At this point we take the dollar
What is the minimum and maximum amounts for investments?
The minimum investment is $ 10 maximum $ 30,000.
What payment methods can I use to open a deposit?
The company's website is securely plugged in payment systems - Perfect money,bitcoin and Payeer.
What should I do if I do not have an account with any payment systems?
Got to,, or to open account with any of the payment processors.
Can I get any commission if withdrawal of funds?
Commission at withdrawal is not, you get the amount you have requested to withdraw.
Whether processed requests for withdrawal at the weekend?
Yes, withdrawal is made instantly 24/7.
Does BITFINANCE LONDON LIMITED send information about my operations or revenues to third parties?
We comply with the policy of full confidentiality. No information about you, including personal data, information on operations and income to anyone except you are not available.
After I make a withdrawal request, when the funds are received in my e-wallet?
Typically, the withdrawal does not take much time, the transfer of funds to your eWallet will be made instantly.
partner's program
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, our company has a 3-tier affiliate program. More information about the affiliate program you can find in the "Affiliate Program" section.
How to become an affiliate?
If you want to receive affiliate fee, you simply create an account, copy your affiliate (referral) link from your account and share it with friends and acquaintances.
Can I get your profit without opening a deposit?
Yes, any registered user can receive affiliate fee, without having to open your own deposit. However, our affiliate program provides 3 types of partner status, which allows the presence of even a minimal contribution in the amount of $ 10 receive an additional bonus of a daily charge of their referrals.
Can I change the person who invited me into your account?
No, you can not change the invited partner after registration.
Invitation to other participants is a must?
No, the involvement of other participants is not required. You can attract partners and generate more revenue or income can receive only your open deposits.
Do I need to show any identity documents?
Your participation in the project BITFINANCE LONDON LIMITED fully confidential, you do not need to provide any documents.
How reliable is the company BITFINANCE LONDON LIMITED in terms of security of personal data?
BITFINANCE LONDON LIMITED pays great attention to security and privacy. Transmission of information on the website is protected using SSL-certificate. BITFINANCE LONDON LIMITED does not transmit any personal data to third parties participating. Your participation is strictly confidential.
You are protected from DDOS attacks?
On the server BITFINANCE LONDON LIMITED installed CLOUDFLARE protection.
How can I increase the security of your account?
To increase security, follow these simple guidelines:
- do not share your login, password and other personal information to third parties;
- Your password must be different from your username on the site;
- Use complex passwords (numbers, letters, special characters);
- do not click on links in emails from questionable recipients;
- use antivirus software.
I've forgotten / lost password of your account. What should I do?
Use the password recovery function to your e-mail.
I forgot my username from your account. What should I do?
Send your request to Customer Support. Enter your e-mail, They will send your username to your email.
I forgot, and username and password of your account. What should I do?
Send your request to Customer Support. Specify your e-mail, login and purse number in payment system, with which the replenished account.
I have changed my purse account number in the payment system. How do I change it?
Click on "Edit Account" to change the number of your wallet, you can see it once you have logged to your account.
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